UV Laser Marking Machine

     Ultraviolet laser marking machine, researched and developed by our own company, is deep ultraviolet laser marking machine with advanced technology in the world.
     The Max output power is 1.5w, high efficiency of photovoltaic conversion, long life span of nonlinear crystal.

Product Details:

Machine model BKLM-F1/3/5
Machine type Ultraviolet laser
Laser wavelength 355 nm
Output power 3W/5W/10W
Pulse length <20ns@50Khz
Marking area 50X50, 100X100 (mm)
Frequency tuning Q 8KHz-15KHz
Min line width 0.01mm
Min character 0.2mm
Accuracy of repetition ±0.003mm
Machine power 1000~1800w
Electrical power requirement 220V/ Single phase/ 50Hz/ 10A
Cooling mode Water cooling


     The UV laser marking machine features a high photoelectric conversion rate, a high quality laser beam, and a small light spot in order to ensure a fine marking effect. A nonlinear crystal ensures the marking machine has a long service life, a stable performance, high positioning ability, and a high efficiency. The module design is convenient for installation and maintenance, and can also ensure a stable performance, and the small size leads to a low power consumption.
     An optional 2D automatic working table achieves a multi-function continuous marking or a large working area marking. It can also work with the production line to carry out loading and unloading of material automatically.
     The UV laser machine has a small heating area, and it won’t leave a heating effect on the material, keeping it in its correct shape. The marking effect is done to be near perfect, and can be carried out repeatedly. A high precision and fine laser beam makes sure the marking effect is the best it can possibly be. As the marking process is done in a non-contact method, the mark is permanent.
     The UV laser marking machine has a flexible and convenient operating system, an easy operating procedure, and a professional controlling system in order to achieve the editing and revising of symbols, graphs, bar codes, 2D codes, and serial numbers on materials. The system supports PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and JPG formats. With the numerous format options, users can directly access the TTF word bank and utilize CCD automatic positioning.
     The marking line is fine, making it suitable for cases that have strict marking effect requirements. It is primarily used for LCD, lenses, and IC industry fine marking.
     It is also used in the marking and surface processing on various glasses, TFT, LCD, plasma screens, textiles, thin ceramic wafers, mono crystalline silicon wafers, IC crystalline grains, blue germ and more.
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